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Actor's World Record; VOD Release Upsets Chain

• Guinness World Records said Israeli actress Hanna Maron has the longest career as a theatrical actress. The 87-year old thespian has performed on stage for 83 years. Read the story at J. The Jewish News Weekly.

• Universal announced on Wednesday that it make its upcoming film "Tower Heist" available in Atlanta and Portland  for $ 59.99 via video-on-demand three weeks after its theater debut. In protest of Universal's decision, Cinemark, America's third-largest theater chain, said the next day it will not play the film in any of its locations. If Universal's endeavor pays off literally, then more movies may be rushed to VOD and potentially decrease their profits in actual theaters. Check it out at Los Angeles Times.

• The voice cast of "The Simpsons" is in the midst of a salary dispute with 20th Century Fox TV, which when resolved will likely set a series finale date on the long-running program. On Friday, cast member Harry Shearer released a statement, which you can read at Deadline, that explains the actors’ stance and their hope to obtain a portion of the profits after the show ends.

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