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More Viewers Flocking to Prime Time Comedies

People love to laugh; Just look at the ratings. Viewership among comedy programming has surged this season, with seven of the top ten shows among entertainment programming being of the comedic genre.

In this dire economy, people residing in the 18-49 demographic seem to enjoy 30 minutes of laugh out loud hysteria rather than an hour long drama, which is good for network executives. Comedies cost less to make and gain a lot of profit from commercials, especially primetime comedies.

According to The New York Times, it was ABC’s three year-old sitcom “Modern Family” that managed to spark the comedy comeback. “Modern Family" seemed to “revive the confidence of the creative community — I definitely feel more vibrancy in comedy now,” Kevin Reilly, the president of Fox entertainment, said to the Times.

New television shows, such as “New Girl,” and “Two Broke Girls,” are keeping up with the trend and enjoying increases in their ratings. Several other long-standing comedies, such as “Two and a Half Men,” are still going strong, as well.

This comedic boost will likely continue next season. According to Reilly, next year there may be 25 percent more comedies. Many of the comedy pilots in development are from popular comedy names, like Melissa McCarthy, and lesser-known stand-up comics scripting their first show. Having a range of sources creating pilots may lead to more diversity, in terms of subject matter and writers, for sitcoms.

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That guy that yells out "Pull the popper, pull it" on the Dish/ Blockbuster commercials is funny, hope we can see more of him on the tube.

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