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Tinseltown's Oldest Camera Shop Goes Digital

It was a sad day for Birns & Sawyer - the oldest movie camera rental shop in Hollywood - when it had to part with the last of its beloved film cameras in an auction last week. “People aren’t renting out film cameras in sufficient numbers to justify retaining them,’’ owner and cinematographer Bill Meurer told Los Angeles Times.

The world, at least the film world, is going digital. Some movie theaters have even gone as far as to rid themselves of film projecters in favor of digital ones, altogether, for fear that film releases will not even be in existance in a few years.

Currently, about one-third of all feature productions and television shows are, or have been shot, in a digital format. During the auction, Meurer sold 15 cameras for $225,000, roughly a quarter of their original price. The plan is to use the proceeds of the sale to help the rental shop completely transition to digital.

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