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Book Trailers Growing in Popularity

In an effort to keep up with the times, hardcover and paperback seem to be taking a page out of Hollywood’s book. By keeping up with the latest trend of…“book trailers”?

Book trailers are essentially commercials for novels, and according to Los Angeles Times, they have been growing in popularity among publishers who have been looking for another way to market their products in this visual society. These commercials are typically 30 to 60 seconds long and can be found in various places.

A 30-second ad for the paranormal novel, “Retribution,” recently reared it’s head on GoogleTV, while the latest addition to P.C. and Kristen Cast’s series, “Destined,” will have its own debut before the theatrical premiere of “Breaking Dawn.”

The trend has sparked interest among the Hollywood elite, and particularly with two Los Angeles filmmakers, Chris and Steve Roth. The brothers decided to launch their own company, The Other House, which specializes in producing these commercials. So far their creations have had air time on cable networks, such as Syfy and MTV, as well as on Internet-streaming sites like Hulu and Youtube, and requests keep on coming.

“We’re doing four or five of these a month. There are no signs of this letting up,’’ Roth told the LA Times. “The budgets just keep growing.”

Talk about seeing an opportunity and taking it. Hollywood executives hope commercials like those made by The Other House will help to ignite the fire on the next global movie franchise –another “Harry Potter” or “Twilight Saga” series to make into several blockbuster hits.

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