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Problems Viewing Notices, Resumes, Videos, Etc. -- Web Pages Failing to Open

Castingyoucantrust_jobsclapboard If you're experiencing a problem with any aspect of BackStage.com or Casting.BackStage.com, then please try refreshing the page you're looking at or try clearing out your browser cache. This will usually resolve a variety of issues.

However, if problems persist, then it's highly likely that you either need to immediately upgrade your web-browser or adjust your pop-up blocker, cookie, JavaScript, privacy, whitelist, and/or other security settings on your computer.

The following five steps will help you resolve a wide variety of problems that you may be experiencing on BackStage.com and other websites:

1) Please turn off your web-browser's pop-up blocker for BackStage.com and Casting.BackStage.com, since casting notices, resumes, log-in prompts, promo-code screens, photos, and many other options and resources on BackStage.com are specifically designed to pop open in new windows.

2) You may have multiple pop-up blockers running within your web-browser, via your third-party browser toolbars, or through other computer add-ons (such as security software and anti-virus/anti-spyware/anti-adware programs running on your computer). Please make sure that you've set up ALL possible pop-up blockers on your computer to ALLOW both BackStage.com and Casting.BackStage.com to show you pop-ups.

3) Add BackStage.com and Casting.BackStage.com to your computer's list of "Trusted" sites. You may need to do this both within your web-browser's settings and within the settings of any security software you may be running on your computer. In addition to pop-ups, Cookies and Java Script must also be ALLOWED in your browser/secuirty settings for both BackStage.com and Casting.BackStage.com. In your web-browser, check the areas labeled Tools or Settings or Options or Preferences (depending on the browser) and then check your current Security/Privacy/Cookie settings to make sure that pop-ups, cookies, and Java are not being blocked. Security settings should not be above "Medium Low" for BackStage.com and Casting.BackStage.com, which may need to be added to your personal software's trusted/white-listed sites if problems are occurring with your browsing experience.

4) Refreshbutton_onfirefoxTry refreshing the web-page you're looking at (use the refresh button in your web-browser menu or simply click the F5 key on your keyboard) or try clearing out your web-browser's cache/history/private data once (via your web-browser's Tools menu), and then reboot your browser.

5) Please make sure you're using the newest available versions of Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, and/or Google Chrome.  If you have not updated your web-browser within the past year, then please do so now. Removing an old web-browser and replacing it with a fresh installation of a new browser will often resolve a multitude of problems. The following browsers are recommended for Macs and Windows PCs: Firefox 1.5+, 2+, 3+; Safari 3+; Internet Explorer 6+, 7+, 8+.

Do not use Internet Explorer on the Apple/Mac operating system -- only Firefox and Safari 3+ are recommended for Apple computers; the version of Internet Explorer that's currently available for Apple operating systems is extremely out-of-date and no longer supported by Microsoft, Apple, or Back Stage. Also, do not use the AOL web-browser; it's been known to cause conflicts with the casting and resume tools on Casting.BackStage.com.

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Luke Crowe, National Casting Editor, Back Stage


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Luke Crowe

If you think that something just isn't quite right with a page you're viewing -- for instance, if a photo you just uploaded isn't visible, or a cover-letter you just saved isn't appearing, or other stuff is missing or the web-page just looks really weird, then you're likely seeing an “old” version of the page/data . . .

TO FIX THIS, simply click the REFRESH button in your web-browser on any of the pages where you’re not seeing something that you think you should be seeing (e.g., a new cover letter, or resume updates, etc.).

If a REFRESH button isn’t available on your web-browser, then simply click the F5 key on your keyboard if you’re using a Windows PC – on a Mac, click the Function (Fn) key AND the F5 key at the same time to Refresh any browser window.

Alternately, you could simply close your web-browser, and then open it back up (you’ll just need to reboot the browser, not your whole computer). That will usually automatically refresh everything.

If not, then please try emptying out your web-browser’s cache/history/saved files – this will also clear up most problems, and it only takes a few seconds. (Although in some cases you may also need to close and then re-open your web-browser and log back in to the site.)

Note: I recommend using the new, free FIREFOX 3 web-browser for viewing BackStage.com. It should give you the fastest and most error-free experience out of all of the web-browsers out there.

-- Luke

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