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Searching For Notices - How to Find Casting Notices and Other Entertainment-Industry Jobs & Opportunities

Castingyoucantrust_jobsclapboard To search through Back Stage's notices, click on one of the BackStage.com or Casting.BackStage.com toolbar-menu options or other links labeled Search Casting Notices, Casting Search, Search Notices, Search jobs, etc.; or visit the Actor's Toolbox page located in the casting area of BackStage.com.

The Actor's toolbox features links to advanced casting and résumé tools, and on the right-hand side of the Actor's Toolbox page there's a Simple Casting Search box for your convenience.

And on the main Casting/Jobs/Festivals search page you'll find a link to the Advanced Casting Search page, which features advanced search options for filtering through the jobs database based upon the pay-range offered by each project and/or the age ranges, ethnicities, and genders of the characters listed in the casting-notice breakdowns -- in addition to the Basic Casting Search options that allow you to define your search based upon the job-category and/or keywords and/or the geographic areas from which the project is primarily seeking submissions and/or where they're holding auditions.

In the casting search-engine area of BackStage.com, you can fill out as much or as little search criteria as you'd like. The more details you enter, the more refined your search will be; the less you enter, the more results you'll get.


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