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SUBSCRIBER LOG-IN HELP - Multiple Log-In Prompts & Privacy/Cookie Settings

Question: "I'm a member of the website, and I'm having problems logging in or I have to log in multiple times, over and over again. What's wrong?"

Answer: If you're sure that your BackStage.com subscription is active and not expired and your web-browsers are up-to-date and you're not experiencing a very specific log-in error message (e.g., a message telling you that your username or password is incorrect, or a "log-in conflict" error), then you're likely running into a log-in "cookie" error.

To fix this, please "enable" (allow) the use of cookies within your web-browser and security programs. You need to make sure that cookies are allowed in your web-browser and computer-secrurity software settings -- and make sure that the web-domains BackStage.com and Casting.BackStage.com are set as "trusted" sites in your web-browser and computer-secrurity software settings.

The most common log-in problems on most websites are due to Internet security or firewall programs (like Norton or McAfee -- or even you're web-browser's own internal settings) blocking "cookies." If you're running one of these programs and have your settings turned up to high, you may be unable to log into BackStage.com without making some adjustments.

For instance, if: 

  • After submitting your username and password, you are being sent back to the login page or homepage (but receive no error message); or
  • You are able to log in, but are continually being logged out and asked to log back in. . .

. . .Your Internet security software or your firewall could be blocking Back Stage's "cookies," which are neded to keep you logged in. To fix this, open your security or firewall software and check the settings to make sure that the cookies from backstage.com, casting.backstage.com, rossreports.com, searchease.com, nielsen.com, and vnuemedia.com are being accepted. Otherwise, turn your security program off while using this website. Also, make sure your web-browser is accepting our cookies as well.

Keep in mind that if once you've adjusted your security software settings, or have turned your security program off, you may need to completely close out of your Internet browser and restart it before trying to log in again.

If you are having any other technical difficulties, please fill out the  Contact Backstage.com form. Note: Please include as much detail as possible. For instance, if you're getting an error message, let us know exactly what it says and where on the site you're seeing the message.

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-- Luke Crowe, National Casting Editor, Back Stage

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Luke Crowe

QUESTION: "Why do I have to keep logging in over and over again? I log in to BackStage.com and then I proceed to the casting notices. But as soon as I find a casting notice that I like in the search results, and I try to click on it for more info, the system tells me that I am not logged in."


It sounds like Cookies are being blocked on your computer -- this is likely due to a privacy/security/cookie setting within the web-browser(s) you're using -- but it could also be caused by other Firewall or Antivirus programs running on the computer.

The first step toward solving this problem would be to open up the web-browser (Internet Explorer, for example) and check the browser's Tools/Options for anything related to "Privacy," "Security," "Trust," or "Cookies."

Within these settings, both BackStage.com and Casting.BackStage.com should be added as "Trusted" domains/websites. "Cookies" should be "Allowed" within any privacy/security settings. And for Internet Explorer, your browsing security should be set for "Medium Low." A setting of "High" will block cookies.

Alternately, you could download and install the free Firefox web-browser (visit www.mozilla.com/firefox). The default Firefox settings will be correct, so no adjustments should be needed. However, if you're already using Firefox and having this problem anyway, then you'll also want to check your Firefox settings under Tools/Options/Privacy (on a Mac, this menu might be found under Firefox/Preferences/Privacy) and make sure that Firefox is set to "Accept cookies from sites until they expire."

If problems continue to occur after trying the above, then you'll want to look more closely at your computer's Firewall and Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware settings to make sure that Cookies and Javascript aren't being blocked by these programs and that BackStage.com and Casting.BackStage.com are set as trusted/whitelisted domains (if this option is available within your software).

More info and helpful links regarding this topic are available here:

And here:

And here:

NOTE: The casting/jobs/resumes section of BackStage.com (known as Casting.BackStage.com) ALWAYS has a "Log In" button visible at the top of the page, even if you're already logged in. If you see a "Log In" button at the top of the screen, it doesn't mean you're logged out. However, if you try to view a casting/job notice and you're asked to log in and you do; but then you try to view another notice and you're asked to log in AGAIN, then there's a problem with your computer's Cookie/Privacy settings.

On the other hand, if you see an error message when you try to log in -- such as an error saying that your username is unknown, or there's a "log-in conflict," or your "subscription may have expired," then please follow the instructions in the error message or email a copy of the error message to our Subscription Customer Service department (along with your username and password, so that your log-in details can be tested) at [email protected] or fill out the help form at:

When writing Back Stage for help, please make sure to clearly describe the error you're experiencing, any error messages you see, and the type of computer and web-browser you're using (e.g., Windows XP with Internet Explorer 7; or Windows Vista with Firefox 3; or Apple OSX with Safari 3; etc.)

-- Luke Crowe, National Casting Editor, Back Stage

Luke Crowe

If you're still having problems logging in to the site or viewing certain pages, please make sure to try the following:

Clearing your cache and deleting cookies (and sometimes even deleting your browser's "History") can fix a lot of problems, by removing incorrectly saved/cached pages and corrupted cache files. For instructions, please visit http://www.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=497. Note that while deleting your cookies may resolve your problem, it will also temporarily remove your saved settings for sites you've previously visited.

If you're using any browser add-on programs, try temporarily disabling these utilities in case one of them is interfering with your web pages. For instructions, please consult your browser's help files.

It's possible that the Java installation on your computer has spontaneously corrupted (broken). To re-install Java, visit http://www.java.com and click the "Free Java Download" button near the top of the page.

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