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Advanced Casting Search — Customize, Personalize, and SAVE Your Search!


Create an Advanced Casting Search to quickly filter through the thousands of casting/job notices on BackStage.com by location, job category, character age-range, character-ethnicity, character gender, pay ranges, keywords, and more. 

After completing the following six steps, you'll be able to save and run personalized and customized Casting Searches from now on in just a couple of seconds.


1) After logging into BackStage.com, visit the Advanced Casting Search page to create and save your very own Advanced Casting Searches.

2) Use this search page to select exactly what type of casting call you're interested in (job categories, pay ranges, ethnicity/gender/age-range of the roles, the states where the project is casting, etc.).

3) At the bottom of the form, in the "Save Search" box, enter a memorable "Name" for your search (e.g., you might want to call it "My Union Film/TV Casting Search #1," to distinguish it from any additional Saved Searches you create later), and turn on the "Create a Casting Alert" option.

(Note: This Save Search/Alert box only appears on the search form if you're already logged into Casting.BackStage.com, so make sure you've logged in and see the Save Search options before filling out the Advanced Search page.)

4) Click the "Save Search Criteria" button to save your personalized search.

5Run-Your-Saved-Search_2011 From then on, you can simply visit your Saved Casting Searches page on BackStage.com to run your personalized search with a single click. Just visit your Saved Search page and then click on the "Run" button (it looks like a little arrow/triangle/play button) and you'll immediately see all of the newest casting notices that match your search criteria.

6) When you use Back Stage's Saved Search page to run your searches, you'll save tons of time – because you'll never need to fill out the search form again. You'll be able to see all of the casting notices that are "right for you" (based on the search criteria you entered initially) with just one click, 24/7. Plus, the Casting Alert option will email you the newest search results on a daily basis; the Casting Alert will just send you casting notices that match your personalized Saved Search.



1) In the Advanced Casting search-engine area of BackStage.com, you can fill out as much or as little search criteria as you'd like. The more details you enter, the more refined your search will be; the less you enter, the more results you'll see.

2) Leave the "keywords" field blank, because keywords will make your search too specific for a search that you want to run every day.

3) If you're interested in Union roles, then select the Union categories (these are projects primarily seeking only union performers) and the Union/Nonunion categories (these are projects that are specifically seeking both union and nonunion performers), but skip our "Nonunion" categories (since these projects are primarily seeking only nonunion performers). Or, if you're interested in Nonunion roles, then choose the Union/Nonunion categories and the Nonunion categories. And all of the other categories (where "union" isn't mention) are optional for everyone, since in those cases the producers usually haven't specified a union or nonunion status.

4) To see fewer casting notices, narrow your search down using specific filters. For instance, choose only the categories, age-range, page ranges, ethnicity, and country/state that most exactly match your interests and profile. However, to see more casting notices, use a broader range of search filters. For instance, you can choose additional age ranges and ethnicities that you think you might also be right for (keep in mind that the age ranges and ethnicities describe the CHARACTERS/ROLES being cast; so if you think you can play characters of different age-ranges and ethnicities, then you'll want to choose all of the options that you think you can play); and choose additional categories and pay ranges that you have even a little bit of interest in; choose nearby states; etc. It's up to you!

5) You can create as many Saved Casting Searches and Casting Alert Email Agents as you'd like. You can edit, update, turn-off, or delete these Searches and Alerts at any time. You can even create Saved Searches that you only run manually; the Saved Searches don't have to be turned into Casting Alert Emails (if you'd prefer to not have emails being sent to you from all of your Saved Searches). With Back Stage, you have the power to customize your Saved Search and Casting Alert settings as much as you'd like.

For more info, check out these two articles: 


Additional Details:

To search for casting notices, click on one of the BackStage.com toolbar links labeled "Search Casting," "Search Notices," "Browse Casting," or "Saved Searches," or visit the Actor's Toolbox page located in the casting area of BackStage.com. The Actor's toolbox features links to advanced casting and résumé tools, and on the right-hand side of the Actor's Toolbox page there's a Simple Casting Search box for your convenience.

To access the Advanced Casting/Job Search options, click on one of the "Advanced Search" links available in the Casting Search are of BackStage.com, or go directly to http://tinyurl.com/AdvancedCastingJobSearch.

If you choose a lot of search filters your results will be very limited, but also very personalized to fit your needs. On the other hand, if you don't choose any search filters and/or if you choose all of the ranges of filter options (all categories, all regions, all pay ranges, etc.), then you'll get to see every single notice on BackStage.com as soon as you click "Run Search Now."

We recommend trying broad searches at first — choosing a really wide range of search filters — before experimenting with more detailed and specific searches. That way you'll always get the most results possible. For instance, before running a more advanced search, try selecting a bunch of the Casting/Job Categories from the Categories list on the search page; leave all of the other search-filter fields blank; then click "Run Search Now."

That way you'll see all of the current casting/job notices available in all of the categories you've selected.

Choose_advanced_search_casting_jo_3But once you've gotten used to running searches on BackStage.com, you'll want to personalize your searches more by choosing such Advanced Search options such as the Geographic Location, Pay Range, Character Age Range, Character Ethnicity, and Character Gender search filters. You can use any combination and range of filters you'd like!

After running a search you'll see a detailed list of all of the current casting/job notices that match your search criteria. You can then open the notices that look interesting to you by clicking the the hyperlinked "Project Title" for each of the notices or the View/Eye button or "More" link located next to each of the search results.

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— Luke Crowe, National Casting Editor, Back Stage

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