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AOL Web-Browser Software Compatibility Issues with BackStage.com

Aol_logo Are you currently using the AOL web browser (aka "AOL Explorer") to visit sites on the Internet?

Regrettably, AOL’s default security/privacy settings tend to be incompatible with the secure, cookie-based BackStage.com log-in system and some Java Script usage – and even if you manually fix the AOL browser settings, we've received reports indicating that AOL will periodically force the incompatible settings back onto computers without warning (via browser updates).

Because of this, we highly recommend that you download, install, and run the very newest version of the free FIREFOX  or Google Chrome web-browsers instead. All of these web-browsers tend to work more quickly and consistently with BackStage.com compared to older web-browsers and the (often problematic) AOL browsers/navigators: Firefox 7+; Safari 4+; Internet Explorer 8+, Opera, or Google Chrome

Firefox 3 is one of the fastest and most secure web-browsers available – and it’s fully compatible with BackStage.com as soon as it's installed (without any settings having to be adjusted in most cases). You’ll find that by using Firefox 3 to navigate the Internet, websites will load up faster, look better, and you’ll run into less bugs, crashes, and viruses.

Firefox3_webbrowser_freedownloadFirefox can be downloaded here, free:


The Safari  web-browser is also a great alternative.

All of the following browsers are also recommended for Apple Macs and Windows PCs:  Google ChromeFirefox 7+; Safari 4+; Internet Explorer 8+ . However, using older versions of these web-browsers is not recommended.

In most cases, you'll want to upgrade to the newest free version of Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer available.  You might also find that other new browsers (such as the newest version of  Opera) work great on BackStage.com, too -- however, we have not tested any other browsers enough to be able to offer a solid recommendation. But we do know that many users have reported problems with BackStage.com when using Internet Explorer 4 and 5, Safari 2, or various versions of the AOL browser -- while subscribers using Chrome 10, Firefox 2 and 3, Safari 3, and Internet Explorer 6 and 7 and all of the newest versions of these browsers have reported positive results.

(Note: Internet Explorer users  should adjust their browser's security/cookie options to a "Medium" or "Medium Low" level and/or add both BackStage.com and Casting.BackStage.com to Internet Explorer's list of "Trusted" sites in your I.E. settings; and allow pop-ups and Java, since casting notices and resume options use Java Script and pop open in new windows on BackStage.com.)

Also, please see the following articles, which provide more information on how to fix common computer settings that may be causing you problems with BackStage.com:

-- Luke Crowe, National Casting Editor, Back Stage

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