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Help Topic: "I can't see my new Cover Letter, Saved Searches, Resume Updates, or other Casting Items!" - Page "Refresh" (F5) Notes

Refresh_button_internetexplorer If you’re sure that you’ve saved and/or updated a cover letter -- or any other item on BackStage.com, such as your Saved Searches, resume changes, etc. -- but you’re not seeing the new items or changes or they appear to be available, then there’s likely just a temporary “cache” problem between your web-browser and BackStage.com.

Usually the simplest way to solve this is to simply “refresh” the page(s) you’re having trouble with.

F5_key_keyboard To refresh a page, click on the “refresh” or “reload” button on your web-browser’s toolbar a couple of times. Or click on the F5 key on your keyboard a couple of times. (Note: On some multimedia keyboards and Apple/Mac computers, you may need to hold down on the “Fn” Function Key at the same time as the F5 key in order to make the refresh-function work; and for some browsers Ctrl-F5 may work instead.)

The problem with the web-page or window should disappear once the page is refreshed – you’ll see the newest version of the page, which should correctly show any new items you’ve created or edits/updates you’ve made.

Or, please close your web-browser. Close all of your browser windows. Then reopen the browser and navigate back to BackStage.com.

All of the pages on the site should now automatically refresh, showing you the correct, updated versions of each window.

If all else fails, then please go to your web-browser’s toolbar menu and choose “Tools” and then either “Options” or “Clear Private Data” (depending on what web-browser you’re using) and then choose the option to delete/clear your browser’s “cache” or “saved files.” This will almost definitely reset all web-pages you visit to a “new” state that will correctly show you the latest version of each window, including any recent updates you’ve made.

If none of the suggestions above work, then regrettably your recent updates/changes may not have been correctly saved to begin with. In that case, you’ll need to make the changes/updates again, being careful to save all of your changes as you go along (such as changes to your resume, the creation of new Saved Searches and Cover Letters, the addition of new resume credits and photos, etc.).

However, if the problem continues to occur after that, please contact the Back Stage Casting Department with your username, password, and as many details about the problem as possible. We’ll then attempt to test the problem for you from within your account, to see if we can recreate and fix the error.

Refresh_button_firefox Also, we highly recommend that you upgrade your web-browser to the newest version available. The free Chrome or Firefox web-browsers will likely provide you with the fastest and most error-free BackStage.com experience – we highly recommend downloading and installing the newest possible version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Opera. Please avoid older web-browsers and the AOL web-browser.


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-- Luke Crowe, National Casting Editor, BACK STAGE

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