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Finding Open-Mike Nights -- Calls for Comedians, Singers, Musicians, Dancers, and Variety Performers

Star_door Back Stage lists a variety of Open Mike (aka, Open Mic) opportunities every week in the casting/jobs section of BackStage.com and the Back Stage print editions.

These opportunities are listed in various categories, depending on the type of talent being called for. And the opportunities being listed may vary from day to day and week to week, depending on what information Back Stage has available.

However, the two Back Stage categories where Open Mike Night and Club Talent opportunities are most commonly found are:

The following Back Stage categories are also  worth checking out for Open Mike, Club Talent, Variety Show, Burlesque, Cabaret, and Talent Showcase  opportunities, competitions, gigs, and jobs:


To run a search for Open Mike opportunities in your area, simply use the BackStage.com Casting/Jobs Search page to choose the categories and geographic areas ("Locations") that you feel best fit your needs, and then run the search.


Quick Tip: If you log-in first and then use the "Saved Search" option before running your search, then you'll be able to save and then run the same search in the future with a single click from your Saved Searches page on the site -- your Saved Searches will show you the newest and most current search results every time you run them, saving you time from having to fill out  a new search form every time you want to run a similar customized search. You can also create a Casting/Job Alert at the same time, to have all relevant notices (including Open Mike notices) emailed to you whenever new or recently updated notices that match your personal Saved Search criteria are posted to BackStage.com.


Luke Crowe, National Casting Editor, Back Stage

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Luke Crowe

There's a discussion about Wild Models here:


The general consensus on this Model Mayhem message board seems to be that Wild Models is a "portfolio mill" -- spamming people to try and get them to pay for their services, and not necessarily really booking models for gigs.

However, Back Stage has run a couple of casting notices for Wild Models without any problems, and I have seen messages from some models saying that Wild Models helped them to successfully book good paying gigs. So you may want to look into them further. But always be wary of places that tell you that they'll get you gigs, but then want to charge you something.

A good agent/manager will only work off of commissions and won't charge any up-front fees.

There are some decent "pay to play" opportunities out there that do make you pay for certain services (new photos, comp cards, postage, hosting your info on their online talent database, etc.); but these shouldn't be confused with regular agents/managers. And if they're a legit "pay to play" service, then they should be upfront about their fees -- if they pretend that they want to hire you or represent you and don't mention anything about fees upfront, but then they hit you up for money later, then it falls into "bait and switch" scam territory: They bait you by telling you that you've got a great look or they've got great gigs for you, and then when they've got you hooked they switch it around so that suddenly you're unexpectedly being asked to pay them. An honest "pay to play" service would be upfront about their fees and wouldn't need to try and trick you by calling you in for a potential gig or representation and then suddenly trying to get $$$ from you that you weren't expecting.

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