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Extensive Casting and Job Tools Now Available

With, Actors, Models, Performers, and Tech/Crew can:

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Submit Your Multimedia Resume to Casting/Job Notices Online

Apply_button_big_2 Back Stage provides a variety of submission options, making it easy to apply to casting/job notices and entertainment-industry projects. 

The following article will help you get the most out of the online-application and resume-email system.

For instance, when you submit your multimedia resume and optional cover letter to a project using the online submission system, you should know that your submission package is automatically sent to the casting director via two different methods simultaneously:

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Search Help: "I'm Seeing Casting Notices That Don't Fit My Profile"

Search-Casting-Magnifying-Glass-09 Back Stage uses an advanced search algorithm to find you casting/job notices that match your exact needs along with notices that MIGHT also be of interest to you – even though they’re not an exact match – including notices that contain tags that are very similar to your search settings, along with projects that might possibly be interested in an application from you even though you don’t exactly match any of the character/job descriptions listed in the notice.

This search algorithm uses the search filters/options you’ve chosen (job categories, gender, age ranges, etc.) combined with some “fuzzy logic” to try and find you the best range of notices.

The more search filters/options you’ve chosen, the better your search results will be.

However, because the Back Stage search engine also uses some “fuzzy” search parameters to make sure that you don’t miss out on additional opportunities that MIGHT fit your needs, you will receive some “false positive” search results – casting/job notices that just aren’t right for you – which you’ll want to ignore.

But we feel that it’s safer to have some extra notices sent to you that don’t exactly fit your profile – rather than limit you to only seeing 100% exact matches – just in case some of these additional notices MIGHT be of interest.

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Reordering/Grouping Credits & Media Items on Resumes by "Display Order #"

Display-Order-Credits-CLOSE-UP-3Within the "Manage My Resumes" builder/editor interface, you have a variety of options for updating, grouping, arranging, and reordering your credits, experiences, and media items (photos, videos, links, etc.).


To have exact control over the order in which items appear within the various sections of your resume, make sure to give each item an unique "Display Order #" when creating the item on your resume.

However, even if you forget to do this the first time, don't worry -- you can always go back and add or update the Display Order Number by clicking on the Edit (wrench) button next to the item on your resume. Just change the Order Number in the editing/update panel, and  then save your changes.

Display-Order-Credit-UPDATEUpdating the order of your credits is especially easy: Just change the Display number next to any of the Education/Training credits and Experience/Job credits you wish to reorder and then click the "Go" button next to the "Update" option at the bottom of the form. The order of all of your credits will then change appropriately.

(Quick Tip: Turn on the checkbox next each item in your list of credits in order to update a specific set of credits.)


To group your various types of credits together, simply assign each group of credits sequential Display Order numbers,” using the “Order Number” field.

For instance, I might assign my Film credits with numbers 10-40; and my TV credits with numbers 50-70; and my Theatre credits with numbers 100-140. This would make my Film credits appear first (and grouped together), my TV credits appear second, etc.

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Creating Multiple Resumes on -- Help With Managing More Than One Resume


You can set up multiple Resumes within your account, and you can upload multiple credits, photos, stats, reels (video and audio), embedded media, links, etc., to every resume.

This is a great option if you want to create individual resumes for yourself that focus on specific aspects of your career, since each resume can showcase a different (or overlapping) set of credits, skills, photos, and reels. And it's also handy for Agents and Managers representing multiple actors -- or if there are multiple actors in your immediate family household or you're a "Stage Parent" of more than one child actor -- since it allows you to manage multiple resumes at once.

To get started, simply visit your Manage My Resumes page.

And then click on the “Build Your Multimedia Resume Today!” button or the “Click here to create a new resume” link.

Then fill out the new resume fields. This will add a new resume to your account. It will NOT erase your existing resume(s).

For more help and information on benefits and limitations, keep reading:

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Casting Discount Code for Film & Theatre Schools


Students & Faculty:

Receive a great discount off the price of posting a notice calling for cast and/or crew in BACK STAGE when you mention the name of your school in your notice and enter the secret promo code for your school during the online checkout process.

To discover the promo code for your school, check with your school's administrators. Most major film and theatre schools in the U.S. should have the current Back Stage Casting promo code on file. If they don't, then simply contact the Back Stage Casting Department from a .edu email address or on university letterhead, and we'll send the code to you and your school.

Contact the Back Stage Casting Department:

To find talent and cast your project, visit

Plus, receive the following benefits, FREE:

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How to Update Your Email Address on

The following article will help you update your email address, username, and contact details on

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Search Tips: Find, Sort, and Attend Auditions

Auditions_Calendar_01 Every year Back Stage publishes over 10,000 casting and job notices, with new notices being published on (and old notices being removed from seven days a week — making Back Stage an always up-to-date resource.

In addition to searching through Back Stage's online casting & jobs database for notices that fit your interests, another great way to find out about new opportunities is to read Back Stage's Auditions Highlights, Casting News, and Seeking Submissions posts on Blog Stage, as well as Back Stage's weekly Production Listings and Bulletins.

The "Audition Highlights" posts on Blog Stage include the popular weekly "Auditions at a Glance" calendars from the New York, California, and National/Regional sections of the national Back Stage newspaper and digital magazine. The casting notices highlighted in these weekly calendars are conveniently organized by the date and day-of-the-week the auditions are taking place, to help you schedule your audition plans.

When looking for new notices, try some of the following Audition Search Tips:

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What is a Casting Alert? How do I make it work?

Email Alert Agents - Casting and Jobs The Back Stage Casting/Job Alert tool is a convenient and automated "search agent" that searches the casting/jobs database for you, finding new notices that match your personalized Saved Search criteria.

You can create one or multiple Casting/Job Alerts, with each alert being set up to search for notices that match you interests. Back Stage's Casting Alerts can save you a lot of time, since your Alerts will conduct your searches for you and then send you timely results.

Each of your Alert agents will email you your newest Casting Notice search results on a regularly scheduled basis. Within the email, you'll see a list of casting/job headlines and summaries, with links bringing you back to the specific notices on so you can quickly submit to the projects.

To get started, visit your Career Center/Actor's Toolbox and click on any of the Saved Search or Casting Alert options.

Or, simply fill in the "Saved Search Name" field located at the bottom of the basic or advanced Casting/Jobs Search page, check the "Create a casting alert" box, and then click the "Save Search Criteria" button.



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