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Living & Working in Los Angeles


The weather was BEAUTIFUL (I love the sun) this past weekend, and I took full advantage. I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain. It was NOT an enjoyable experience...I guess I've outgrown the ability to wait patiently for 2 hours for a 90-second ride. Still, I went, I stood in line, I rode (because I do like roller coasters), and I ate crappy food like you're supposed to do at an amusement park. I never met a funnel cake I didn't like.

On Sunday morning I went walking at Balboa Park. While I was walking on the path, two large mallards flew overhead - I just watched in amazement. Later I saw them swimming in the creek that runs through the park. I also saw a couple of little lizards running around. Seems like every living being was out enjoying the sunshine. Even the trees looked happy.

Sunday afternoon, I met some friends for conversation, dinner, drinks, and a beautiful sunset at The Sunset Restaurant in Malibu. You truly can't beat the weather here.

Today I had planned to meet with my personal trainer, but she's at jury duty. I sent follow-up emails to the voiceover agents with whom I dropped off my demo last week. I thought about stalling b/c I have a touch of laryngitis (all that screaming at Magic Mountain started it), and what I sound like right now is not a good representative of how I usually sound. My sister didn't even recognize my voice when I called her the other day. I also contacted my commercial agency regarding two of my commercials that are on the internet, but for which I have not been compensated.

I went through my closet and chest of drawers yesterday and pulled out a lot of clothing that I haven't worn in a while. From time to time I give items (in good condition) to Freecycle. I've also gotten a lot of things from others - free of charge. My biggest "get" was a treadmill. When I didn't want it anymore, I paid it forward. I was contacted immediately by someone who wanted the clothing, and we arranged a time for her to come and pick up. Of course, my making plans is a signal to my representation to call me with an audition, and right on cue, they did. My commercial agency called first to let me know that I had an audition for Chex, then my manager called to let me know that I had an audition for "'Til Death." Cool. Both went well, but in a strange way. I was TOTALLY WRONG for the "'Til Death" role. More on that in a later post.

Tonight I had an impromptu dinner with a friend (the sole filet at Zach's is heavenly), went to the gym, then to get some frozen yogurt. I'm going to do some work on a website I'm designing for a friend, then go to bed.

That's the last couple of days of my life in Los Angeles. Last year I worked so hard I was exhausted and burned out by the end. I came into this year with an eye toward balance, and I'm doing a lot better, especially since I got back into the gym. I used to think I couldn't spare the time - that it was a luxury. Now I consider it an essential part of taking care of myself. Not only so I look good - that's a bonus - but because it keeps me healthy, and I feel good.

This is still a new part of my routine (3.5 weeks), so it hasn't quite become habitual yet, but I'm working hard to integrate healthy eating and exercise into my life. If, at any point in the future, you see me with a pot-belly or a behind that droops so low I can walk and cover my tracks at the same time, please stage an intervention.


--Nicole J. Butler

P.S. - If anyone here can give me practical advice about how to get 'off sugar' I will be forever indebted!

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Now I want a funnelcake... ;)

Tom Kiesche

Stop eating it. That's my only advice. Look at it as a chemical. Or poison.

Evelyn White

"I never met a funnel cake I didn't like"--
that's hilarious. Nicely put.

Eat less of it gradually. My rule is...I allow myself one small (1-2oz) nip of chocolate or sweet for lunch everyday (that way you burn off the calories by evening).

However, occasionally I will splurge on something...once a week or once a month.
Actually, I have learned that having a (healthy, fruity) smoothie once a day cuts down on my NEED to have the sweet stuff.

Stacey Jackson

Darn! We must have just missed each other at the Chex audition. Looking forward to running into you one of these days...Hope it went swimmingly!

Nicole J. Butler

Thanks so much for the feedback and helpful hints. I know white sugar is a-w-f-u-l, and it's my biggest vice. If I could eat dessert instead of food, I would (and sometimes I do), so it's a habit I HAVE to kick.

If that funnelcake was my last, I went out with a bang because it was guuuuuud! ;o)


I never read "Sugar Blues" (http://www.amazon.com/Sugar-Blues-William-Dufty/dp/0446343129) but it was really popular a few years ago and I have a friend who "quit" sugar after reading it. Personally, I have read other articles about sugar, fiber, metabolism, yadda yadda, and find it interesting to learn how the human machine works...

Nicole J. Butler

Thanks Susan, I'm going to get the book. Sugar is like a drug and I feel like I need a 12-step program just to kick the habit! It's in so much stuff - bread, ketchup...everything.

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