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Desperately Seeking Voiceover Agent.


Okay, so I'm not desperate, but I would like to have one. I've been submitting my voiceover demo to the agencies that I would like to represent me for commercial voiceover work, but so far no response. Not even a "hell to tha naw!" Just...crickets.

I'm never quite sure how or when to follow up with prospective representation. Since there are as many ways to do a thing as there are people doing it, I don't think there is a right or wrong to follow up. Okay maybe there are some wrong ways (stalking would be one of them), but I try not to act from a place of fear because fear causes paralysis, so I've been following up once and letting it go. Perhaps they haven't listened to it yet. Perhaps they have and hate my voice. Maybe I don't fit in what they need on their roster right now. Whatever. I can't get into that headspace. Gotta keep it moving. I'm looking for business partners, not sponsors.

I got paid from the Gain commercial I shot in Canada last month and taxes whooped my behind! I've never gotten paid from another country, so I don't know if I ended up paying taxes in TWO countries or what, but after taxes & agency commission, I ended up with just over half of the gross. Not cute at all.

Actually, I might have to re-think the whole sponsor thing. I got a bill from SAG today. Dues are due on 5/1. For those of you who have just joined SAG or haven't yet joined, let me tell you some things that nobody told me. After I paid my initial membership fee, I still had to pay bi-annual income-based dues. Every 6 months, I get a bill from SAG. I was surprised the first time that happened - I was like "didn't I just pay y'all?" But, of course, I paid 'em, after all SAG does afford me a lot of protections and benefits that I might not otherwise have. The bill I got TODAY? OMG, I opened it and just about had a heart attack. I did well last year but...this was T-totally unexpected. And it's due in 6 days. Great. I keep looking at it, hoping that I'm reading it wrong and I only have to pay 1/2 now and the other half in 6 months.

I feel compelled to say this: I know it's considered gauche to talk about money, and yet I do because nobody ever talks about it, and I believe that the things we don't discuss hold power over us. Once you get stuff out in the open, it is demystified. Now, most times it isn't necessary to discuss specifics (unless somebody is going to pitch in to pay your bills), but unless we want to go live out in the unclaimed wilderness and live off the land, we need money. We need to make it, spend it, and manage it (hopefully wisely). It is a tool, nothing more. Nobody tells most of us that - the majority of us are actors because we love the craft, but this is a business. I'm learning as I go along, and some of these little tidbits would have been helpful had I known them in advance - that's why I share. When I booked my first paying gig, I had no idea how it all worked - I thought my agent, the casting director, or SOMEBODY was going to write me a check when I showed up to work. My agent laughed when I asked that question, and now I laugh too, but I just didn't know then. There were LOTS of things I didn't know, and there still are.

But now I know some things. And so do you.

If I go broke paying folks, can I have dinner at your place? Nah, just kidding.*

--Nicole J. Butler

*unless you're really going to feed me.

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Money-talk can be gauche, depending how it's done, but you're right - it needs to be discussed. These are things we should know. Thank you for sharing (in a non-gauche way ;).

Nicole J. Butler

Thank you, Susan.

Stacey Jackson

Come over for dinner anytime!

Tom Kiesche

Yeah, April was taxes then the SAG bill... I feel you. Ouchie.

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