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It Is Finished.

I edited for about 9 hours today, and I must say that I am proud of the results. I have to get permission from the other actors before I put the shorts online, but hopefully I'll have that sometime tomorrow.

Knowing/ learning how to do "stuff" opens up a world of possibilities. In addition to auditioning and hoping that someone will hire me, I can hire myself. Much as I did in the beginning of my career, I'll work for free (for MYSELF - don't go getting ideas) at first, and as I get better at the technical aspects of putting together a project (or even more well connected), I can get paid. And through it all, I'll be producing work that entertains, enlightens, educates, inspires, and informs myself and others as well. There is a lot of stuff masquerading as "entertainment" that is actually quite harmful if too much is ingested, and it would be great to not have to even consider being a part of that in order to pay the bills. So far I've been fortunate, but I would love to create the type of projects that I can be proud of and employ other artists who have shown a commitment to their craft and their career.

I'm still a sleepyhead, and tomorrow (holiday and all) promises no rest. Lots to do. Gonna go to bed now & see if I can keep the images I've been staring at all day on this computer screen from burning into my brain. Visions of my short films will probably dance through my head all night. I'd better leave a light on.

--Nicole J. Butler

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