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A Big Can Of Worms

It's my turn to host the monthly reading series for MC2 – which means I pick the piece, find the actors, schedule and rehearse (if needed) provide scripts, coordinate, etc etc.  And I have chosen to do a re-read of an original play we first did several months ago, that was written by a friend.  Very cute premise that we (me, the writer and the head of the company) discussed fully-staging in the fall. It’s quite exciting.

Only… as many of you may already know, finding male actors is impossible.  There are either too few male stage actors, or too many male roles (or both) that you basically have to knock them out on the subway and drag them to your show in order to fill a damn role.  And this problem is only compounded when it is the middle of the goddam summer and everyone is on vacation. The reading is three days away and I still need two men and I have emailed friends, friends of friends, cousins of friend's friends, and have even resorted to posting on CraigsList. And…

Ohmifuckinggod, you guys.  People are crazy.

Ok, I'm exaggerating a little bit.  So far, no truly wacko people have submitted themselves, but the mild derangement of those who have seems almost worse, in a way.   First, there's the guy who asked me to send him details (Um… did you read the notice?  That's what it was there for) and then mentioned with enthusiasm that he is also a poet and musician.

Again – did you read the post?  No music.  No poetry.  Just comedy.

Then there's the guy whose compcard contains a photo of him with his fingers on his chin – you know what I'm talking about, right?  That, Hmm-This-Is-Very-Sexily-Perplexing look.   Which doesn't make him crazy I guess, just possessing bad taste.

Or maybe I'm just a beyotch today.  It's a toss-up.

Anyway, this experience is reminding me of all the things not to do when submitting yourself for a role or to an office:

  1. READ the ad/do your research on whom you are submitting to;
  2. Keep photos simple (nothing cheesy or showy) and submit only one;
  3. Follow instructions – send only what is allowed or asked for and nothing more;
  4. And keep letters simple and related to the project/office described – I don’t care about your childhood or aspirations, I just want to get this damned role cast.

Gummy_worms And now back to looking for literate dudes with good comedic timing who are available this Sunday. *shiver* Wish me luck…

--Susan Atwood

PS – And make sure you have a professional email address (gmail, yahoo, etc are free, so no excuses).  No sugarbaby69 or RockStarPimp or anything like that.  Please.

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