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Stuff To Do After Midnight.

I will warn you right now: this post has very little to do with acting.

It's almost 4AM, so why am I up? Why am I up blogging and eating cole slaw in bed?

Yesterday was my last day at Boston Legal. I got up at 4AM (okay 4:15) so I could leave home at 5AM for my 6AM call. I didn't expect that there would be much traffic, but I like to leave early just in case...

I left home at 5:10AM, arrived at 5:35-ish, and was taken to the makeup chair at 6AM. Rehearsal was at 7:30 (I didn't have to go), and I think we actually started shooting at 8:30. By 12:45PM, I was wrapped. Tired from having gotten up so early, I ran a couple of errands, then took a "nap" from 3:30PM until 1:20AM (yes, you read that right). Went into the kitchen to get a drink of water, and saw a big black spider (the jumping kind) on the wall, so high up it was close to the ceiling. *sigh*

I just stood there and looked at it for awhile. Critter sightings initially paralyze me because I have to assess the best way to do the most amount of damage to the critter while incurring the least amount of damage to myself. Only on very rare occasions do I subscribe to the catch-and-release way of handling said pests. I love animals, and believe that life is precious, but if insects want to live they need to do it outside of my 4 walls.

Anyhoo - I pulled out my vacuum cleaner with the long nozzle attachment. Hmmm... if I miss, the thing might jump in my direction and I'm going to knock myself unconscious trying to get out of its way. Not to mention it's almost 4AM and I am in an apartment, surrounded by neighbors who surely won't appreciate being awakened by the noise (of the vacuum - not my falling). The spray hose at my kitchen sink wasn't long enough.

Suddenly, everything is illuminated:

I grabbed a can of spray starch from the cabinet where I house my laundry supplies. I then filled a glass with extremely hot water from the tap. After taking careful aim, I tossed the water (not the glass) at the spider, he fell to the floor, then I ambushed him with my can of Magic Sizing. When that stuff dries, his legs will be stiff as toothpicks, and I can just vacuum him up - no fuss, no muss (foamy pile of spray starch notwithstanding). If he's gone by morning, well...he deserves to live. I just hope he's not too angry with me.

That sudden expenditure of adrenaline must have used up whatever food supply was still in my system from yesterday morning because all of a sudden I was STARVING - even having just killed a bug (ewww)! I had some leftover cole slaw in the fridge, so I grabbed a fork and...breakfast! At 4AM. What a treat.

I promise to post more in-depth about my "Boston Legal" experience. From some comments I received on my last post, inquiring minds really want to know some things, so I'll honor that.

Right now I'm gonna finish my breakfast. Trust me, you don't want a picture associated with this post.


--Nicole J. Butler

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