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You Love Me Too Much To Let Me Leave!

That MUST be it, right? I was supposed to leave for St. Maarten last Saturday, booked a Walmart commercial, cancelled the vacation, shot the commercial on Tuesday. Rescheduled my vacation departure date for next Thursday, got put on avail for Boston Legal, and got my shoot dates today. Yup, that's right, I BOOKED "BOSTON LEGAL" AGAIN! I'll be working for 3 days, starting next Thursday, my intended vacay departure date. After not booking anything since March (at which time I shot 2 on-location commercials back to back), I book 2 more projects back to back, and the dates happen to coincide with my travel dates. I can't do anything but shake my head, cancel my trip, and go to work. It's clear that Hollywood loves me too much to let me leave in pursuits of happiness (however temporary) elsewhere. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. Today, anyway.

So, I called my theatrical agent yesterday to ask her if she had heard anything from the people at "Boston Legal", because the last thing I intended to do was cancel my vacation without this booking being a done deal (or as done as it can get without the ink being dry on the contract). She assured me that she wouldn't let this week come to a close without finding something out for me. The Fabulous Loree Parral, wardrobe stylist to the stars (and me), called me this morning to schedule my wardrobe fitting - caught me off guard. I told her I didn't know it was a done deal - "I don't even have shoot dates yet!" We scheduled my fitting, and then I called my agent who was just about to call me. She said they would deliver my script today, but I think they meant that they would deliver it to Loree who will give it to me when I arrive for my fitting, which is what usually happens. I've handled "All rise." like a champ the last few times I've been there, so maybe this time I'll even get some more lines. Maybe. I'll let y'all know.

--Nicole J. Butler

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