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The Hair Thing. (Part I)


I went to my "Heroes" audition today.  The Casting Associate introduced herself, and I introduced myself, to which she immediately replied: "Oh, you look different!"  I told her "yes, I've been letting my hair grow for the past six months, and am still in the process of trying to figure out what to do with it."  She looked at my N3656_2 headshot, and nodded.  Then she told me that she just saw another actress who didn't look like her headshot either.  Ouch.

But there's not much I can do right now - I DON'T know what I'm doing with my hair.  I realize that this is a business, and people need to know what product they are buying, but I need a little bit of time to work this out.  I've booked 3 jobs with 3 different hairstyles in the last 3 months, so hopefully I'll be okay for a couple more.

I've had the same hairstyle for 5 years (short & curly), and, though it's inexpensive ( I do it myself), and easy, I'm tired of looking at it.  I tried to dye it (red) in March, and all I succeeded in doing is lifting my hair to a rusty-looking auburn, and damaging it in the summer sun.  I've been letting it grow, but because the ends (the part that was dyed) became so damaged, that over the last few weeks, it required every-day deep conditioning, and was so tangled that I couldn't even comb through it without conditioner on it.  This past weekend I flat-ironed it straight so I could see exactly how far up the damage went.  It went up about halfway.  Convinced that I was going to have to get the damaged portion cut off, I found a salon that could help me with it, and perhaps give me a different style to wear while I grow it.

The salon owner told me that she wouldn't have to cut as much as I thought, and that she could give me a conditioning treatment that would do the trick.  So I got my hair done.Img_3153

I like it, but this is only day two and I can tell you that this relationship isn't going to work.  It took me 20 minutes to do my hair this morning.  No ma'am.  And I had to use a curling iron (isn't that antithetical to hair-health?).  Double "no ma'am."  I've gotten spoiled over the last 9 years, and will not be doing that everyday.  PLUS (and this is the worst part) I haven't been to the gym b/c once my hair gets wet (sweat), all of these styling efforts (and my $$) will go right out of the window.  Now I remember why I cut it short to start with.  It's like caring for a pet.

So sometime between now and the end of the year, I will figure it out.  THEN I will get new headshots.  This is just one stop along that journey.


(What'cha wanna bet I end up taking the clippers to my own head and end up back where I started?)  So, say goodbye to this hairstyle:  Img_3155

--Nicole J. Butler

P.S. - If anyone has suggestions that don't involve relaxers, braids, or weaves, I'm all ears.  Plus it can't prevent me from going to the gym.  And it has to be low-maintenance.  lol

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ming ming

Stick with the doo that works. Short and chic.
If ur dying to change it up once in a while, I'd consider investing in a high-end wig (u can get a decent one for about a grand). Expensive, but worth the investment for a change without the hassle. Ask the hair dept. next time ur on set. They usu have access to the good stuff.


I like this new look but it does show you off very differently. I really like your look in your headshots (not to make any of this more difficult for you ;)

I am currently deciding whether to try coloring mine a new shade - but then we get into the old photo dilemma! *sigh* Guys have it so easy...


Wigs might not be a bad idea in the meantime during the growing-out style. Your current style...it's a little old-fashioned looking, to be honest. I wouldn't say so if you hadn't opened the door to opinions. But I think you already know that it has that 'transitioning' look, so I'm not really saying anything you don't know already.

My hair is completely different from yours, so I really have no way of offering a good cut/style -- except -- maybe look for pics of actresses who do have your hair type (or similar enough) and see if you can strive for that cut. You might have to just let it grow for a few more inches or even longer and I'm not sure what the best solution is in the meantime, as far as headshots go.


P.S. hope that didn't come off too negative - you're still so cute. :) I think (IMHO) it's the curling iron that might be giving it kind of an old-fashioned look. But I don't really know the best suggestion for styling, while you're growing it out.

Nicole J. Butler

Thanks for all of the feedback. My hair actually made the decision for me - it just decided to curl back up on its own!

Chemcals, tight braids, and weaves arent n option b/c I have a scalp condition that is easily irritated. I have some wigs that I wear maybe once every couple of years b/c they are so friggin hot that I want to snatch the thing off & fan with it within 2 hours' time.

I am going to keep my hair well-conditioned, and let it grow. We'll see what happens.


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I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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