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Twilight Zone : A Creati-theatrical Experience

Ashleyavis_portraitartist Lovely are the random things in life.  About two months ago, a photographer "slash" cinematographer from France named Alex Franck shot me an email inquiring about my interest in participating in a project he was putting together.  A visual encapsulation of the Artist, he'd said [well, in so many words] -- essentially, he wanted to rent out a theatre in New York and photograph actors... being.  Not acting, but being.  Doing monologues, warm-ups of various sorts, existing in our element -- the theatre.

Thus, stemming from the desire to work on a new piece in an actual theatrical space, and sheer quizzical curiosity -- I accepted.  I've never been that energized on a stage, alone, before.  And I've actually never been on stage alone, before, performing something like that.  That truthfully.  The photographer directed me in a way I haven't been directed before... in this raw, almost physicalized, enigmatic manner.  It was a wonderful creative experience.  And if you're curious, here are the resulting photographs.

-- Ashley Avis

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Ooh very interesting, thanks for sharing. I love black-and-white. (Sometimes I wish black and white headshots were still the fashion)

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