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Don't I Look Happy? (i.e. - I'M GONNA BE ON "ER"!)

Photo 54 I am happy.  REALLY, I am.  I just booked a spot on "ER" (see previous post), I go for my fitting tomorrow, and I shoot next week.  I'm healthy, my bills are getting paid, I have health insurance...I'm just tired, is all.  I'm doing some production work and still trying to steer my career, live life, stay healthy, stay connected to those I care about, and grow my voiceover career.  Well, get one, really.

I'm writing this on the clock, so I'll make this quick (my employers are kind enough to let me duck out for auditions & shoots - I don't want to screw 'em by stealing time).  My "ER" audition felt kinda strange.  It was a group audition - there were 5 of us in the room, reading with the casting director, the director, and a woman who I guessed to be a producer.  I've never had a theatrical audition with that many people in the room before, so I wasn't really sure what to do, but I decided to "act" like it was an actual scene and do what I prepared.  So while everyone else was standing & saying lines, I "acted" like I was opening bottles, giving injections and anything else I felt was appropriate.  When my part in the scene was over, I just listened - really listened to what the other actors were saying.  I left hoping that I had done the right thing - I appeared to have been the only actor in the room "acting" instead of just jumping in with my lines, and I wasn't sure if that was appropriate for the group situation or not.  I guess it was because I BOOKED IT!!  Hello "ER", don't go off the air without me!

The workshop I'm taking helped me a lot.  I felt grounded and focused.  I saw some people there that work ALL THE TIME, and I refocused on the task at hand so they wouldn't rattle me.  I reminded myself that I was not there to "get the job" but to be present and make the scene real.

Did I tell y'all that I'm happy?  'Cuz I am. ;o)

--Nicole J. Butler

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YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Please please please don't forget to remind us in advance about the airdate! I always watch it anyway, but I want to be able to look for you. :)


That's great news ;)


Excitement! Congrats, congrats, congrats Nicole - your Mom won't be the only one who's proud!

I know the "tired" part so well, though. I actually forced myself to step away from the computer (there's so much to do on the computer!) and my To Do List last night and just....take a bath while reading a book. For an hour. And I'm telling ya, it was more productive than getting anything else "done". Make sure you take that time for yourself too, busy woman!


You a SUPERSTAR! :-)

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