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Good Times.

So, I had my fitting for "ER" yesterday.  When the costumer called me to inquire about my sizes, I gave them to her & started to explain that if she was gonna get me pants with no stretch, I would need the next larger size, and the waist would have to be taken in ('cuz sista got H-I-P-S) - "Not to worry," she said "you'll be wearing scrubs."

I got there, tried on the first set of scrubs that she had pulled for me, tried on two pairs of clogs (the first didn't fit), and that was it.  Easiest fitting in the world.  What's even better is that I'm going to be on set in the medical equivalent of pajamas and house slippers.  This makes up for the times when I've worn boots that killed my feet, scratchy wool sweaters, and been sewn and taped into my clothing so that it would 'hang properly".  Does it get any better than this?

So the fitting was done in less than 5 minutes, and Lisa left the room so I could put my clothes back on.  Guess what I did? 

ER fit2ER fit3

Yep, I took pictures of the HUGE dressing room.  (Nerd!)  I hurried b/c I didn't want her to come back and think know I'm a weirdo. Then, I went to my production gig.  I still haven't made it back to Prints Charm'n to see my proofs (for the 3rd time) because I am at work during their business hours.  I'll try to get in there on Monday.

Today I talked with a college buddy of mine who is here in L.A. doing her thing as well.  We discussed the pending SAG strike, the fact that SAG's chief negotiator, Doug Allen, was ousted this week, our concerns and the best way to move forward.  She brought up a lot of points that I haven't heard anyone broach before, and I'm afraid that she might be right in her assessment of the situation.  I think actors are about to get screwed.  I want to make it clear that that's my interpretation of what she said - not hers. 

Still, having the conversation reminded me (yet one more time) how important it is to exchange ideas with other people and truly consider what they have to say - whether or not one agrees with it.  The only way to grow is by integrating something new.  Anything else will lead to stagnation.  Stay open.

When I got home yesterday, my "ER" script (with my name misspelled on the label) was waiting for me.  No revisions have been made to my character, and I already know my lines and what I'm 'sposed to do in the scene, so today I am relaxing and catching up on "must-see TV".

Talk to y'all l8r!

ER fit1

--Nichole J. Butler

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