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Third booking in a MONTH!

NJBLaughSuit OMG, COLOR ME HAPPY - I just booked a role on "My Name is Earl"!

Tuesday was a crazy busy and pretty tense day at work.  As usual on "one of those days" I got a same-day audition call.  I'm working in Mid-Wilshire, and the audition was as far north in Van Nuys that one can go without being in another little city.  My audition time was at 5:45, so that meant that I didn't have to go back to the office, but it ALSO meant that I was driving in rush-hour traffic.  In order to not shortchange the production gig, I planned to leave no later than 5PM (cutting it close), but the guy I work for asked for something as I was leaving, and I didn't get out of there until 5:15.  I drove as fast as I could, but at 5:40, I had to call my manager and tell her I was running late.  I wasn't that far away...I was just stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic and couldn't get there.  The later it got, the more stressed out I became.  I just knew I would get there and everyone would be gone.

I arrived at 6:15.

I was sweating bullets as I pulled my car into the little lot, took a drag on my asthma inhaler and jumped out.  I walked in and saw a ROOM FULL of people.  It was standing room only.  I signed in, then a security guard came and got me because I had parked my car crooked or something (never did figure out the real problem).  I moved it over a little bit, and ran back in just in time to hear the casting assistant ask if "Nicole" had arrived yet.

I handed her my headshot, walked in, greeted everyone in the room, and sat down.  Since I didn't have time to stop by my apartment and grab clothing appropriate for a church scene, I was wearing a velour warm-up suit.  I threw a fringed pashmina (that I keep in my car) around my shoulders and gave my best "church lady" audition.  Everyone in the room cracked up.  I was give some direction and asked to do it again.  I did.  They laughed even harder.  I stayed in character until they stopped, then left wondering if I was really that funny.

I guess I was, because I BOOKED IT!  This is my third booking in a month.  My agent told me "this is great because NOBODY is working right now."  Wow.  I am hoping I don't get written out of anything and just really trying to enjoy the moment.  This is one leg of a journey that has had some feasts and some famines.  This is one moment.  I hope for many more, but right now, I have this one.

--Nicole J. Butler

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Congratulations Nicole!!! That's fantastic news!


Woo hoo! You are on a big friggin' roll, girl!

Stacey Jackson

You are my hero. :)

Nicole J. Butler

Thank you ALL! I'm really just living in the present and enjoying this moment.


Holy crap - that's amazing! Great job ;)

Nicole J. Butler

Thanks Susan.

Shawn Dempewolff

Good work! It always kind of feels like magic when that happens - but self-perpetuated magic, of course. Have fun.

Sis Ivd

Congrats! Perseverance pays off. You booked it when you were stressed and not even feeling well. Keep up the good work.

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