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Boxing David Lynch

Filmfest A week ago my cross-country friend, who often has my best interest in mind, sent me a link to a film festival, the Engine Collision Fest. I have to admit, at first I was skeptical because well, there are always film festivals here, it's LA! But often times the things we resist the most are the things we should be most open to. So, I checked it out.

Turns out David Lynch was being featured on Sunday March 8th, the last day of the festival. I am a David Lynch fan. The festival took place for about a week in a huge studio space on Wilcox in Hollywood. It was filled with heavily tattooed goth kids, tall and lanky men wearing odd military uniforms, and there was a painting of Obama in the upstairs gallery that was also a light fixture.

The giant film screen rotated on an axle like a modern desk lamp. Very cool. There were gorgeous, gorry, glutenous art and photography displays everywhere of men and women in bondage, insects, industrial images of nature vs. machines; very disturbing, provocative, anxiety-evoking and sexy. Very David Lynch.

Unfortunately the featured artist wasn't there. He had just gotten married, for the fourth time, and was on his honeymoon. His daughter, Jennifer Lynch, took his place announcing her father's short films as well as her own; and the fact that her new stepmother was ten years younger than her. I didn't stay for the entire night, around 11pm I had to clock out, it's a drive back to Mulholland.

But I did watch most all of Lynch's shorts that he had compiled for the festival. Ironically, the one I enjoyed the most was atypical Lynch; the one on transcendental meditation; of which both he and his daughter are huge advocates. There were no naked women with guns pointed at their heads, dark mysterious voices coming out of the walls, or deja vu scenes running out of sequence.

The short is simply David himself with a poster board and a black sharpie explaining the concept of transcendental meditation. He talks about how there are two things; mind and matter and how at the end of the smallest dissection of matter, scientists have found that there is a field of energy where there is no-thing. No thing. Atma. And from this field of no thing is where everything begins.

Davidlynch And in order to arrive as humans to the same vibrational field of this field of no thing one must learn to look within through transcendental meditation; to arrive where there is love, bliss, joy, peace, etc. Lynch believes that in order to heal ourselves, particularly our youth in today's volatile school systems, we can 'unfold our enlightenment' by healing through meditation.

And if there's anything we need as a society today, it is enlightenment. Lynch is known for personifying metaphor, theory, in his work, but this was the first time I had seen him explain an idea or belief in a linear fashion. It was awesome.  

Then of course, there was his next short where he shoves his head into a bucket of blood, shooting flying chickens out of his ass while a young man stands watching on one foot having pulled his own leg out of that bucket just moments before. Please, don't ask me what it's all supposed to mean. I don't know. That's the beauty of it.

(photos courtesy of the 2002 Oscars and Engine Collision Festival)

        Yours truly -- Ann Hu

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