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NJB173bRSMALLTEXT When I see artistry, I pay attention.  I study it.  Turn it over and over in my head and heart, trying to absorb, by osmosis, some portion of its essence.  As if I, by association, will become equally brilliant.  Today, I am fortunate to be able to report two such sources of artistry.

The first?  The movie, "American Violet."  I saw it today, and don't even know where to begin.  It was superbly acted, the story was compelling, and quite disturbing.  Absolutely beautiful.  Haunting.  Go see it, and tell me what you think.  Based on a true story, I was as surprised to learn that these types of events are still taking place at this late date.  The lead, Nicole Beharie, is a joy to watch, even as she wrenches your heart.  Alfre Woodard, Charles Dutton, and Anthony Mackie are... well, as they always are.  Skillful.  Go see it.

I sat there thinking "This is the kind of work that I'd like to do."  No, it's not a huge moneymaking summer blockbuster type of film with explosions and car chases, but it is a great story that deserves to be told, and because it is an independent film, it doesn't have to adhere to "Hollywood" conventions and formulae.  That's the kind of work I want to do.  I would be content to pay my bills with commercial work, if it would free me up to do this type of theatrical work.

Sidebar:  You know I've been doing a lot of episodic work lately, right?  Well, I received one of the checks that I've been waiting for today.  After taxes, agent commission, and manager's commission, I end up with less than 1/3 of the gross amount.  Chew on that for a moment.  1/3.  Taxes took almost half.  I just had to share that for all of the people who have made comments like "I see you on TV all the time -  cha-CHING!"  Ummmhmmm.  Yeah.  Not much 'cha-CHING'ing going on here, right now, let me tell ya.

Okay, my second "discovery" (much like Christopher Columbus "discovered" America despite the fact that people were already living here), is a photographer whose work grabbed me from the first moment I saw his website.  That photographer is Dennis Kwan.  I had the opportunity to do a test shoot with him, and liked his work so much that I have posted a picture (above) with his URL on it.  Usually, I don't allow anybody's name on my picture but MINE.  I get paid for endorsements, so I don't even play that game.  I won't even shoot with photographers who require it, but I am cool with it this one time, just to let y'all know that I have seen him work (I referred a good friend of mine recently), and that I think he is talented.  I am in the process of selecting other shots (I have so many good ones, even though it was a short shoot), and will post them once I have done so.  I plan to do a full shoot with him later this summer.  If you go see Dennis, tell him that I sent you.  Unless you are a nutjob.

Keep on keep'n on, y'all.

Onward and upward,

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Sis Ivd

I know exactly what you mean when you say "you study artistry". I do too but in my case it's decorated cakes. I Can tell what's been done, what should have been done, what's done wrong, and what's simply excellent. In each case I always learn something.

I love your new head shot. There's a mysterious mischievousness about it.


That photo is INCREDIBLE.

It puts all your others to shame!

Nicole J. Butler

Sis Ivd - EXACTLY. Being in the presence of good work makes YOU better.

Laura - Thank you... I think, lol.


Wow, that is a great head shot! Thanks for posting his URL - I'm def going to use Dennis for my next shoot and I'll be sure to tell him you sent me!

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