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I Have a New Boyfriend

Edward-cullen-photo  ...and his name is "Edward Cullen".

Okay ladies, let's not fight, let's not tussle, let's not even get nasty about this, because my 'Edward', couldn't possibly be the same as your 'Edward'; or yours, or even yours (person reading over someone's shoulder).

Because, my  'Edward Cullen' exists and will only ever exist in my head. As yours exists in your head and yours too, reading-over-the-shoulder-person.

For the last two weeks, I have been laid up with a book. No, with four, @ 700 page books, one after another; that I finish over night because I can't put him, I mean, them down! It's a 'word-gy'.

No, it's the Twilight Saga. I've been bitten and I can't get up. Why Niksma?! Why?!

Niksma is my Broadway star friend that joyously fed me part one of this literary opium. I love her. And like any other 'read-aholic', I couldn't NOT read it. 

First let me disclose, that I am the kind of person who will say anything, write just about anything; even if it sounds slightly self-deprecating simply because I worship humor above all. I'm entertaining myself. So bloggidy, blog, blog, blah..,

How does this pertain to the world of acting, you ask? Those who don't date (often)...read. And those who don't read...watch the movie, over and over and over again. It's the new 'DVD', Digital-Video-Dating. It's very voyeuristic.

It's the best parts of a relationship without having to pick up the check. No seriously, it's kind of dangerous actually, this post-modern version of intimacy, in High-Definition, because it's your imagination.

And of all the fictional 'Romeo's' out there, Stephenie Meyer, has created the sexiest of them all. And I'm dating him; as well as running out of things to blog about.

Why hasn't facebook come up with a, "Which fictional character would most likely be your boyfriend Quiz? Here are your choices:

A - the mysterious, misunderstood, quixotic 'Phantom of the Opera'

B - the down-to-earth some of the time, webbing slinging hero some of the other time 'Spiderman'

C - the emotionally available, overtly protective, talented, and utterly devastating vampire, 'Edward Cullen'


D - all of the above

If you said 'D', you need to get out of the house and head towards the nearest mixer. NOW!

But if you said, C, then you better get ready to take it outside with me, because I ain't sharing this fantasy. Fang in cheek.

And I'm not talking about the 'actors' who play these characters, I am talking about the characters themselves. Who knows what the actors are really like in real life anyway? Pores and all.

But Meyer's books were written for 'tweens'. What does that make me? Immature? Giddy? Or just another naive high school girl that can't resist a sleek porcelain skinned coldie? I hear poor blood circulation is a common trait in the vampire DNA.

Edward2 But this is the dilemma in the post-modern romantic world.

People are hypnotized and almost brain washed at what romance, dating, true love, functional love, dysfunctional love is as a result of the onslaught of romantic fantasies that the movie world produces. Subliminal.

Don't 'really' compare your life to Sex and the City, it was a TV show!

It's not like you can't enjoy a good story, you just have to measure your expectations against reality; not sci-fi fantasy.

And the reason why violence is so easily tolerated and allowed in film and television, as opposed to 'making love', is because it desensitizes us to images of real destruction and real war in the news. Sick.

Doesn't matter anyway. I"m not available. Edward is very possessive. You could say that I just 'can't get him out of my head'.

And being that he's immortal, we're in it for the long run. I can't believe I joined the bandwagon on this one. Oh, yeah and, sorry Spike, I've met someone else.

(photos courtesy of Summit Entertainment)

Yours truly -- Ann Hu

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Thank you --- thank you for capturing EXACTLY how I feel about this particular character and this particular book series. I'm not one to jump on fads but I was sucked in just like every other tween out there. It's hard to explain how it happens but even after you set the last book down the characters are so real that you replay every scene in your head for days on end. I'm still trying to break loose from the hold the Twilight series has on me...but I kind of don't want to...

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