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Hola from Brandi & The Boys

Brandi_Ford_6People always ask me, "When did you first know you wanted to act?" This is such a hard question to answer because the truth is, I've always known! There was no epiphany or "Aha" moment. I just always, knew. Even as a small child I remember telling people I was going to be an actress-singer-dancer-figure skater-model-gymnast all rolled into one!

Of course, people don't want to hear that. They want to know about that magical "moment in time" when you declared to the world {or at least to yourself} that for better or worse you were going to act! For me, the closest thing to a defining moment came when I was in 4th grade and got the awesome opportunity to play Belle in our school's production of Beauty & The Beast. From the time I was cast to the moment we took our bows, I was completely enamored with the whole process. I loved memorizing my lines, practicing in rehearsals, wearing the costumes and ultimately performing on that tiny cafeteria stage. While I don't remember many of the show details, I do remember, quite vividly, how excited I felt while I was performing. The thrill it gave me to make the audience laugh was amazing and unlike anything I'd ever experienced before and I wanted more. From that day forward it wasn't just one of many careers that I'd like to explore, I knew I had to act.

18 years, 1 husband and 2 kids later, here I am in Hollywood.

Me and Stephen

Well, Long Beach to be exact but you get the point. I've only been here for 4 months but trust me when I say it was a loooong time coming. Before arriving I'd...

  • Graduated from the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts~ a school with famous alums such as Matthew Gray Gubler, Rutina Wesley, Julianne Hough and Ne-Yo.
  • Received a B.A. in Theatre from TSU & was featured in Essence Magazine's annual HBCU Queens Edition 
  • Moved way too many times to feel like I have a legitimate hometown: From Pomona to Fontana to Tampa to Victorville to Vegas back to Tampa right back to Vegas to Houston {for college} back to Vegas back to Fontana back to Houston back to Vegas {for the last time} and now Long Beach. Whew! You'd think I was in the military or something! For the record I now consider myself a "California born Vegas Girl with Southern charm." :-)
  • Owned my own Wedding & Event Planning company
  • Got to wear jeans everyday as a Special Events Manager at the fabulously awesome Hard Rock Hotel
  • Left Hard Rock {along with its nice salary & excellent benefits} in order to move to LA and pursue my acting dreams

Boys And so here we are, my 3 guys and I, adjusting to life in sunny Southern California. We're blessed to have family who have opened their home and welcomed us with open arms while we save for a place of our own. Now I'm just hoping you'll welcome me here as well. As we get to know each other I plan to share my journey as an actress, a wife and most importantly, a mom. Does that count as a triple threat? Yes it's a daily balancing act, and one that's not always easy, but I do hope it's one you'll enjoy and maybe even root for.

Nice to meet you.

-- Brandi Ford

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Stacey Jackson

Yay Brandi!


was wondering when u joined the backstage fam. :P congrats. yay!

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