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Happy Birthday to Me!


Today, despite the fact that I'm supposed to be shooting my first feature film which is TOTALLY falling apart, I'm very happy & grateful because it's my birthday. Normally this is a cause for huge celebration in my world {I'm ALWAYS looking for a reason to host a party} but since my social life is still pretty nonexistent out here and most of my friends are either in Las Vegas or Houston, no party this year. Instead, today will be a movie-watching, cupcake-eating, thoroughly-relaxing family day.

Wait- shouldn't I be shooting the film right now?

Ah, yes, the film. The tragic, unorganized film I was so giddy to be cast in is looking like it just might not get made.

First production didn't give us ANY details until 11:30pm the night before we were to shoot. It's not uncommon to get location & call time that late but we were in the dark about everything- including the script. When they finally did contact us via email, it was to let us know that there would be no script- simply a beat outline that we would receive on set to use as a guide. Oh- we'll be doing improv! I love improv now that I'm a mom {used to be deathly afraid of it but with small kids I get to practice improv on a daily basis} but when you don't disclose that information at the audition and then spring it on your actors at the last minute you're bound to ruffle some feathers. So, some of the actors walked. Actually 5 of the actors walked, not a small number but as the saying goes, "The Show Must Go On." Enter last-minute replacements.

Next, when I arrived to set {at 6:30am I might add}, I waited in my car wrapped in a blanket wondering where the rest of the cast & crew were. I saw one other young lady waiting in her car as well, both of us looking a bit confused. 15 minutes passed and just as I was about to leave for coffee one of the crew members flagged me down. Turns out we were being sent home and told to wait for production to give us a call. What?!? I KNOW I didn't just wake up at 5am, use my gas and go out in the freezing cold for nothing! What gives? Unfortunately, the director & producer were in a major car accident. Oh- that stopped my attitude right in its tracks. As much as I wanted to be mad all I could do was pray that no one was hurt and go home.

Finally, after waiting to hear from production all night and not getting any of my phone calls returned, I received an email saying that due to the accident we wouldn't be shooting at all until the 12th- this Saturday! That was supposed to be our final day on set, now it looks like it'll be the only day. To make matters worse, another actress walked. *Sigh*

So now I'm left to decide whether or not to stick with it. On one hand, all these red flags are staring me in the face and I feel like they've wasted my time and cost me days I could've booked myself on something else. On the other hand IF this film is made it will give me my first imdb credit, which is something I really want. So even though my gut is telling me to jump ship and get out while I can, my desire for the copy & the credit is telling my instincts to shut up. Hopefully this decision won't blow up in my face.

Whether it does or not, today I won't worry about it. Today is my birthday and so today I'll just be thankful that I'm happy and healthy and that no matter what happens in this crazy world of mine, God has blessed me to see another year. Happy Birthday to Me!

-- Brandi Ford

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happy birthday Brandi

and put this in God's hands, he will take care of it for you

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