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I'm too sexy for my Audi


Last night's audition at the Sierra Madre Playhouse for The Sensuous Senator was my first theatre audition in years. I auditioned for the role of Veronica- (25-40) Harry's secretary and lover. Playing the role of the sexy temptress, she is totally frustrated throughout the evening by all the action going on around her. She finally gives up and blows the whistle. A stunning, voluptuous seductress.

Before beginning, the very first thing the casting director asks is "You do realize this character spends a good amount of time in a teddy? You'll be comfortable with that?" My response, "Sure, no problem" while secretly thinking "Stephen won't be too thrilled."

This was definitely the most relaxed audition I've had since I moved out here, probably because I'm more comfortable on stage than on camera. Veronica was fun to play- who doesn't want to be a temptress every once in a while? But I have no idea which way this will go as the CD only had us read for 5 minutes and we were done. I have no idea if he loved it, hated it or was indifferent, but I do know it wasn't my best audition by any stretch of the imagination.

First of all, Aunt Flo was in town and no one makes a girl feel sexy like her!

I was 15 minutes late {NEVER acceptable} and was relieved to see that they had scheduled a bevy of actors at the same time as me so my tardiness wasn't as noticeable as it could have been. Still, not a good way to start off.

I spent the entire time in the holding area going over sides that I should have gone over at home.

I needed to project more. The CD didn't say it but I knew it.

I had NO sexual chemistry at all with my scene partner- NONE. I know acting means I should at least be able to fake it, and normally I can but last night just did not feel believable. My partner was a nice guy and all but he was in his late 50's and felt like more of a grandfather figure than a love interest. Makes me wonder how Anna Nicole Smith was able to do it? To make matters worse he had clearly just eaten a meal heavily seasoned with garlic. WHYYYYYYYYYY???? Needless to say, the "seducing" was a bit of a struggle, but on the plus side there was comedy galore!

And yet despite all of this, I'm still somewhat expecting a callback. That's just how I am. Unless something goes terribly wrong I expect a good outcome {both in acting & in life in general}. The great thing about this audition is that if I don't get it I won't be disappointed at all as theatre is not my focus right now, rather it's an opportunity for me to "play" and to practice these acting skills of mine that are definitely a bit rusty.

So we'll see. In the meantime, two new auditions just made their way to my inbox.

December's starting off right. :-)

-- Brandi Ford

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