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On to the next...

Nestle-logo Though the feature film was a fail, I had an audition for a Nestle industrial last week that I was looking forward to. Since it was only 5 miles from another audition I had a few hours later I was hoping the cd would let me move my audition time from noon to 2pm since their session was going to last until 4. After trying to reach them on the phone with no success, I figured my appointment shifting would be ok and didn't give it another thought. About an hour later I got a call from the producer- who was also casting it, checking to see if I was still planning on coming to the audition. Turns out they loved my look for this role and really wanted to see me. AWESOME! I assured them I'd be there later that afternoon and at that point, confidence boosted from their call, I felt like it was mine to lose.

When I got there I signed in, looked over the sides and was ready to go. Once in the room they told me to relax and that this would be just like any other producer's session. You know what that's like right? Sure, I said, though in reality the little I do know about auditioning for producers I've learned from Entourage. Fake it till you make it right? 5 minutes later and I'm done- and the next morning I got the call that I booked the job!

The first day of shooting was at the production company's loft in Hollywood. My call time was at 10am- late enough for me to drop Jayden off at school and then head out to location without having to battle too much traffic.

Upon arriving I discovered the elevator was broken which meant I'd have to travel up 4 flights of {steep} stairs with my wardrobe in tow. By the time I made it to the top I was somewhat winded & had to take a few deep breaths to slow down my heart rate. Note to self: Getting back into dance class is loooong overdue!

DSC00567 The first few hours were focused on hair & makeup and the makeup artist Katy Holland hooked me up!  I was playing the role of a Young Mom so she kept everything nice & natural and I couldn't have been happier.DSC00568

Lunch came before it was time for me to shoot and we were treated to a tasty meal by Boyz In The Kitchen Catering- yes I do get excited when there's good food! After I was fed & full, wardrobe was selected and I was up. 

Since these were reenactments of real interviews from a focus group of moms it felt like I was shooting a Real World Confessional. There were no scenes with the other 2 actresses or the host, just me and the camera. The first take I was actually a bit nervous and sped through some of my lines but after that it was gravy.

The next day they came by our home to shoot some footage of the boys & I and that was it. Best of all they paid me the same day- extra Christmas money, what!!

When all was said & done the director gave me kudos and offered to pass along my headshot to his agent. I'm just hoping he'll use me again for future projects as they were really easy to work with.

Now if I could only spend the other 363 days of the year as a working actress, life would be grand.

-- Brandi Ford

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Brandi Ford

Thanks Mariana! :-)


Congrats, see when one door closes, a window(in yoru case a BIG window) opens!



oh and i miss you updating your blog but I always come here to check for your posts and im glad I did :)

Brandi Ford

Thanks Christine- and you've reminded me that I really need to do better at updating my blog.


you welcome, and I understand we can get lose track so that's fine :)

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