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Pics & clips!

Here are a few pics and a quick clip from the show...

Host Lisa Arch and Chef LaLa teaching me how to kick my sugar fix.Sugar addiction

Boxing champ Laila Ali giving tips on balancing Mommy time with ME time. Brandi and laila ali

My before shot {no makeup whatsoever- a bit scary!} 
Brandi before 
My After shot
Brandi after 

And the retro Grease Girl teaching me how to change a flat.

It was really exciting to see me on tv but a bit nervewracking at the same time since I analyzed every single thing I did. All in all, though, it gave me a great feeling to watch my TV debut- even if I wasn't playing a character. Now that's next on the list...

-- Brandi Ford

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I just wanted to say congratulations and it was SO fun spending a little bit of car-time with you! You're ending pic looks fabulous and it was such a pleasure to meet you!

Happy Trails,
Kristin aka"GreaseGirl"

Brandi Ford

Kristin! Thank you sooooo much for all your tips. I havent had to put them to use just yet but Im fully prepared when that time comes. You are AWESOME girl!!!!

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