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Real Family - Real Chaos


I've had 2 "Real Family" Auditions in the last week. Though one was for an industrial and the other a commercial, both would allow me to become SAG-Eligible so of course my hopes were high for each. 


Going to an audition with a child under the age of 2 is incredibly difficult as they tend to want to throw tantrums, touch every single thing in the casting director's office and cry/scream/throw things when they're not getting their way...or maybe that's just my son? Either way I told my husband last night- no more real family auditions for us! It's just not worth the headache. And wouldn't you know it, today we get a callback for the commercial. 

What???? How in the world did that happen? 

Apparently the director liked our family's "energy"- oh you mean the little one kicking & screaming while the older one hid in the corner because he was tired of playing in front of the camera- that energy? Well if they like it, I love it! So now we are one step closer to booking a national commercial. And as much as I wanna break out and do the happy dance I know that just getting to the callback stage doesn't necessarily mean crossing the finish line but either way I'm happy to know that we've gotten closer.

Seriously though, no more kiddie auditions for me. Kudos to all you stage moms out there but I just can't do it.

-- Brandi Ford

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lol congrats brandi :D this is GREAT!

Stacey Jackson

LOL Break legs and keep us posted!

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