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Focused on the Silver Lining

Stage mom  The assistant director of the national commercial that my family & I were on avail for called me last week to ask if we were willing to work as extras. Of course we were! I can't say that I wasn't bummed for not booking a principal spot {because I was} but there's always a chance that we can get upgraded in the editing room. Even if we don't though, I am still grateful for the work. 

After he hung up the REAL work began. In order for the boys to do the commercial we'd have to set them up with Coogan accounts and in order to do that they'd have to get entertainment work permits and in order to get the permits we'd have to find their birth certificates and in order to find their birth certificates we'd have to comb through stacks & stacks of our "important papers." Well I found the baby's certificate easily enough but Jayden's was nowhere to be found. I ransacked their room for over an hour looking for that blasted paper and still came up short. I had the bright idea to go to his school and have them make a copy but somehow it was mysteriously missing from his file. And since he was born in Las Vegas and not California I couldn't just pick up another copy so at that point all hope was lost. I had to call the AD back and tell him that Jayden couldn't work. Though he was disappointed, he wasn't upset, he just told me that he'd have to replace him.

On the day of the shoot all went well. Jayden was still able to come with us but instead of working he got to color and play with toys. Stevie, on the other hand, stayed in my arms the whole time- hence the reason why they are so sore now. He cooperated for the most part, but there were definitely a few times when we could all tell he wasn't happy. Pobrecito! The good thing is that this was the quickest set I've ever worked on- we were in and out in 3 hours.  

Though it was quite an adventure this was both the first and last time my family will participate in my acting endeavors. Though all 3 of them were troopers, we all agreed that they are much more comfortable supporting me than actually joining me. And the silver lining? I walked away with my 2nd SAG voucher! Just one more to go...

--Brandi Ford

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