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One Audition

Lira KellermanThe other day I as at an audition for a web film that I wanted. That I really, really wanted. I read my sides, I was given an adjustment, I read them again, was thanked and left the room.

Now, I read somewhere that “One Audition Can Change Your Life,” and although sometimes I get down in the dumps and feel like maybe I’m on the losing side of this acting battle, it really is true: one booking can change everything.

One booking can skyrocket you into a whole ‘nother atmosphere of tax brackets. One booking and suddenly you’re being flown to New York for the Upfronts. One booking and you have a holding fee of $35,000 to not audition for anything else. One booking and you can make in one episode what you made last year.

Miracles do happen. Matt LeBlanc had $11 to his name when he booked Friends. And that's what is so beautiful about this struggling actress life - if I stick with it long enough, maybe, just maybe, I can book a series too. (Heck, my bank account is where it needs to be if I'm going the LeBlanc route...)

The audition was last Friday, and I'm sure I would've heard today if I got a call back, so I have to toss that web film audition away in the pile of "Didn't Book, But Great Audition," and be proud of the fact that I can at least put that memory in a happy compartment. 

I really need to sit back sometimes and enjoy the process and understand that the love of the craft and the ability to affect people through creative collaborations is the thing that's going to get me through these ups and downs until my next booking.

The next booking that quite possibly might just change my life.

- Lira Kellerman

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