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Feeling the Fun

Brandi ford  While most actors work 1 or 2 day jobs to make ends meet, there are those lucky few who don't have to work for months at a time and yet seem to live quite comfortably. Did they play the right lottery numbers or win big on a trip to Vegas? Possibly but not likely. I'm referring to those actors who book commercials, national commercials to be specific, and can spend all of their time devoted to their craft while they live off of their residuals. Since I'm sadly not one of these actors...yet, I decided to do a little research on commercial workshops so that I can better equip myself to be able to join this club.

LA certainly has no lack of commercial training options but the one that seemed most right for me was Killian's Commercial Workshop, which I started this week. Held at an actual casting facility, this workshop is small, fast-paced, informative and most of all fun! I'm the type of learner who learns most by doing, so Killian's hands-on approach was right up my alley. I learned a great deal in such a small amount of time and can't wait to see what the next three weeks will hold.

The main point I took away from our first class is that if you're not having any fun auditioning, they're not having any fun watching- so feel the fun! Sounds like common sense, but we all know that when it comes to being "in the room" common sense ain't so common!

-- Brandi Ford

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pamela munro

??? Booking a commercial is = working as an actor - no?

Brandi Ford

Absolutely! I just want to get to the point where I'm booking more than one commercial per year so that I can use that money to pay the bills vs. hustling from one day job to the next.

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