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It's in the Mail

Brandi theatrical I mailed my first round of targeted submissions this week to casting directors who are currently casting pilots, pilot presentations and soaps for a total of 51 envelopes sent. Between the cost of printing my headshots, having my resume paper trimmed to 8x10, buying the envelopes, subscribing to both IMDb Pro and Casting About for research, printing the address labels and paying for postage there is absolutely no way I'd ever do a mailing without doing the proper research beforehand. It was both expensive and time-consuming, and while I don't write this to complain, I just want to stress to other actors not to waste your money or your time {which is far more valuable to me} mailing submissions to everyone in town just to see what sticks. That said, I definitely felt energized after my trip to the post office, knowing that my face will be seen sometime over the next few days or weeks by people who might just be looking for my type when they open my envelope.

-- Brandi Ford

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Daniel St. Andrews

Brandi, you should get 100% for effort but using the internet would have been quicker, much less expensive and probably more effective. But in any event, break a leg girl!

Lira K

You can also write your specs right on the envelope as well. I'd be more inclined to open an envelope that said "20-28 F African American." I know exactly what I'd be getting!

Brandi Ford

Thanks Daniel! I have used the internet before but this mailing was for CDs who Ive never met before so I didnt want to take the chance of sending them an email in case they prefer hardcopy submissions. I do agree with you though, internet is much cheaper!!

Brandi Ford

Girl your tip is GOLDEN!! I will definitely do that from now on. Thanks. :-)

nathan Lee

Let us know If you get anything out of it...
Good luck.. its a shot in the dark... some cd's are just focused on what there casting at the time... and I don't know if they like random unsolicited mailers... but it just takes one to say yes to be on your way... I like to send out 3 x 5 myself becuase there only 35 cents- just a tip..the industry of course prefers 8 x 10's
but for the actor to get your foot in the door 3 x5 is inexpensive and then when you show up to audition have your 8 x 10 for them.

Brandi Ford

Thanks for the tip Nathan. Ill definitely keep that in mind for the next mail go round!

Heather Tocquigny

You go girl!


keep us updated brandi :D but thanks for the tips!

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