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Knowledge is Power

Knowledge-is-power Three weeks into my commercial technique class and I'm feeling like the lid that holds the keys to having successful commercial auditions has been blown wide open! Of course to me, success doesn't necessarily mean booking right out of the gate, rather it means understanding the process so that you can learn to give your best read possible on a consistent basis. 

In weeks 2 and 3 we've learned, among many other things, that when auditioning for commercials we have to think in terms of advertising and not acting. This requires a paradigm shift that isn't difficult but does take some time to get used to, sort of like learning to ride a bike or drive a car- once you get the hang of it it will eventually become second nature. 

While I'm certainly growing from week to week, I'm not quite at that point where this shift is automatic, mainly because without a commercial agent I'm not putting these principles into action at auditions as often as I'd like. The great thing is, I self-submit daily on LA Casting and Actors Access so the next time I'm in front of a commercial casting director I trust that I'll be fully prepared, knowing that I have an awesome toolbox of tips & tricks for me to use.

-- Brandi Ford

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