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Master Multitasker

Multitask (1)  I seem to take an All or Nothing approach to work. Either I'm doing nothing at all but blogging and catching up with friends via facebook and twitter or I'm doing EVERYTHING all at once. Right now I'm operating in the latter.

Case in point over the last few days I've been juggling the following...

  • Moving into our apartment- after living with my grandmother for 9 months we've finally moved into our own place. My boys get to play with all their toys again. I get to sleep in my huge bed again and best of all I have real closet space and get to see my clothes & shoes that have been sitting in storage all this time. You don't even understand how happy I am to have my own domain again!
  • Pre-production of my webseries- Location scouting, assembling crew and posting breakdowns for the comedic webseries I wrote. It's a lot of work but it's been so much fun!
  • Auditions- I rocked an audition last Saturday that I'd love to get a callback for. It was for a very dark, heavy role, which is something I don't normally get called in for so I was stoked. Got great feedback from the CD so I'm still hoping my inbox will have an email from him soon.

While I consider myself a Master Multitasker I seriously wish there were more hours in the day.

-- Brandi Ford

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That's awesome about the web series & your recent audition!!!

Brandi Ford

Thanks Justine! Well see how it all turns out.

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