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The Weight of Words

Lira Kellerman If you're a struggling actress like me, you've probably got all your headshots and resumes updated and stapled together, ready to go for a Pilot Season that will have nothing to do with us. Pilots no longer want unknowns, they want movie stars. And if you haven't read Premier Talent Group's owner James J. Jones' memo to his clients analyzing pilot season yet, get on it. It might be the most depressing thing you've read, or maybe it'll make you feel better. Show business is show BUSINESS and this is the most comprehensive analysis as to why we're not going out. And probably won't for the next few pilot seasons.

So, as a creative person, it really is the time to get started and finish your own personal pet projects. Me, I like to write.

I reconnected with a co-worker from a few years back whom I had always liked. He and I used to stay up until 1:30am folding the napkins our fellow co-workers forgot. Taking pride in one's work, no matter what type of work it is, is a character trait I have always admired.

We decided to start writing together and are in the planning stages now for a feature film. We have similar senses of humor and have a tough time not making each other laugh. He one day caught me on Facebook and typed, "I always saw you writing a romantic comedy." That was all the encouragement I needed for us to get together and start hashing plot points out.

The other day, he books a voice over gig and says, "Hey! They needed a female voice too, so when are you available to record?" He got me a paying voice over gig! Simply because. When I gave him my times, I could not stop thanking him. He wrote back:

"I believe in you."

He believes in me. And he has been believing in me since we first met almost two years ago.

In a very uncertain time where most of my self submitted auditions pay nothing, the weight of his words keep coming back to me. I have someone in my corner who believes in me, and I know he's not the only one. His words have been pushing me forward all week.

Keep your cheerleaders within earshot. They truly do help you get closer to your goal. 

- Lira Kellerman

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pamela munro

It's always good to have friends with whom you can trade favors & generally help - I need a new set, myself!


This is very true and very insightful, thanks for sharing.


Lira - I'm seeing this/responding to this late, but what you have to say is very interesting. You seem very savvy and it is inspiring. Look forward to reading more from you.

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