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Spending Imaginary Money

Lira Kellerman I got the call yesterday at 11:45am that I was on avail for a national fast food commercial. I needed to clear my schedule from May 5-8. I hung up the phone and immediately cuddled into my boyfriend's arms and cried.

I know being on avail is completely different from having booked and, as my uncle says, "Don't count on any money until the check clears," but finally, after declaring myself the struggling actress, finally, I could contribute into our household again. I could buy my car new brake pads, I could pay off all our credit cards, I could start planning our wedding. Something we've held off from due to financial strain.

My boyfriend's mother is having a surprise birthday dinner (don't worry, she doesn't use the internet so I'm not spoiling anything) that he is flying to PA to go to. When we were looking at ticket prices, we both agreed that we only had enough money for him to go. I love his mother, I love his family, and I thought, well, look at that! Even if I had booked the flight, I'd have to change the flight anyways! (The LA Actor's Law: Book a Vacation to go Out of Town, Book Work) It made me feel better that I wasn't able to go.

I waited until 7:30pm last night to wait for the phone call from my agent either upgrading me to booking the commercial, or releasing me.










There goes our dental check ups. There goes my qualifying for insurance. There goes being a successful, working actress.

"You'll book something else," my boyfriend said lovingly.

I hope so. I really do. 

~ Lira Kellerman

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