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How Refreshing! How Nice!

Lira pink shirt I did a mailing for managers on Monday, nearly kissing the 20 submissions goodbye at the post office, as I had put 8 hours into researching the representatives I knew I could be proud of and confidant in. I also emailed three others, cause, hey, email doesn't cost me $1.05 in postage.

I like getting responses, even if they're not the ones I want to hear. I got a lovely email reply from Beth who said her roster was full, but she wished me luck. I thought that was so nice of her. I'm sure she gets submissions frequently, and was touched that she'd at least written me back.

Then I get a second email from her a week later. I had forgotten to cross her off my list of hard copy submissions (whoops!), and she wrote that she also received my hardcopy. Then, get this, she offers a suggestion for my resume if I was interested.

So this lovely lady, whom I have already submitted to twice, instead of being annoyed, offers to help me. I'm not a client, and she is offering to give me a tip to make my package better. I respond with a huge apology and say yes, please, any advice would be great!

She responds back with what she does with her clients, and also

attaches two of her clients' resumes as examples! Seriously! She took the time to do all that for me! She went out of her way and attached samples to help me just because.

There are people in this industry who will prey on us actors to make money off our passion and dreams. And then there are people like Beth, who help you just because.

Thank you, Beth. With so much gratitude, thank you. Your clients are truly lucky to have you on their team, and I am sure they know it.

-- Lira Kellerman

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There ARE nice people out there. How awesome. And, yes... refreshing.

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