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A Little Feel Good

I came across this manifesto by Holstee, a design company dedicated to creating cool, ecofriendly products.  Their mantra is really quite perfect, and I think those that strive for a creative life will love it.  So I am passing it on to you, dear readers.

Sometimes living a creative life is hard.  Maybe the constant pressure from your family to get a "normal" job is grating, or the "normal" job you're in wears you too thin to have time for creativity.  Whatever blown audition or missed opportunity you're kicking yourself over, sit back and enjoy this great big dose of feel good.  And know that everything is going to be all right.


-- Kali Kirk

Photo and manifesto courtesy of Holstee

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Brandi Ford

Love this! Will have to repost on my own blog and link back here to you because this mantra says it all. Thanks for sharing.

Kali Kirk

Yes, please do! Isn't it great?! :)


a powerful message! thanks for sharing :)

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