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LiraKellerman1217small When I was but a wee wisp of a girl, I remember reading a section of the California Driver's Handbook  regarding stops. If the car ahead of you has stopped for seemingly no reason, do not angrily swerve to go around him. There could be a pedestrian you cannot see. Stopped cars are usually stopped for good reasons.

Yesterday, we were stopped at a left turn signal. About .25 seconds after the light turned green, the woman in the Lexus behind us honked her horn. Sadly, it seemed she did not remember reading her California Driver's Handbook, or she would have fondly recalled that the use of one's horn should be saved for nothing short of emergencies. Alas.

There was a car in the middle of the intersection who needed to finish turning. Had we gone forward with our green light, we would have hit him. There was nowhere for us to go until he completed his turn.

So we waited a good three seconds for him to finish and go.

Normally, I give LA drivers the benefit of the doubt because, hey, it's just driving. And when you spend as much time in your car as I do going back and forth, logging in ten hours a week on average, if you get angry at other drivers, you just end up being miserable. I find it funny more oftan than not.

Although I still thought this Lexus Lady's behavior funny, instead of ignoring it, I turned around in my passanger seat and shouted,

"There's someone in the intersection! We have to wait!" I was in a good mood and thought she might appreciate knowing why we could not move ahead at her desired pace.

Unfortunately, she could not hear me. So she honked twice more at us. Perhaps she honked at us again to notify us that she wanted me to shout louder so she could hear me better, but I misread her and thought it was an apology honk. So I happily waved back. No worries, Lady Lexus. You didn't see the guy in the middle of the intersection. We're cool.

She honks again.

She must know us and is trying to get our attention! Perhaps the Lady in the Lexus is a friend of ours and wants to say hi!

While we drive along, she swerves to the next lane to pass us, and I wave happily to her as all is forgiven, but instead of a return smile and wave, instead I see her middle finger fully extended.

That is not a gesture shared among friends!

I misread her honks the whole time. Although I didn't start the silly quibble, my turning around and shouting at her was indeed short sighted and childish. I should have just ignored her; minded my own business and have left it at that.

I envy you NY actors. You don't drive to auditions. You do not encounter impatient drivers who do not understand right of way rules, basic speed laws, or that neighborhood speeds are always capped at 25 mph no matter what. It must be nice.

And if I ever do find myself face to face with the Lexus Lady, I would love to tell her two things:

1) We saved you from having an accident.

And  2) I couldn't help but notice how lovely and well manicured your finger is. Have you considered hand modeling?

-- Lira Kellerman

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Ann Hu

Having been a New York actor, I LOVE driving to auditions, my hair isn't getting softened by the humidity, I can recite lines and shout out loud, AND if I need to carry a bag full of shoes or a different costume, it gets thrown in the back seat!


Awesome Ann. But how bout I throw in a few traffic jams, road constructions, car insurance and gasoline over $3 per gallon with a new full tank every two weeks?

Ann Hu

And a FLAT TIRE!! Which I currently have...darn it!! Lesser of two evils? Take you out for Happy Hour?


Done and Done!

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